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  • Just a little bit more effort is all it takes.... To be one of the best!
  • What we are about and how we got here!
  • Employment. Contractors looking for electricians.Electricians looking for work.
  • There are thousands of electrical parts that electricians and electrical contractors use. Your responsibility as an electrician is to know these parts and their proper applications. The pages and links in this section will help you to become knowledgeable with their uses.
  • There are several types of electrical testing tools.Here we will review their uses.
  • Use this wiring color chart when pulling wire in 3 phase commercial and industrial applications.
  • Some call us "Sparky" others call us electricians.This site is about practical real world experience working in the electrical industry.Service work,remodels,home improvment.Discussions and topics include customer relation,employee-employer relations.Safe working conditions,tools, tips and tricks.
  • How to wire a Time Clock will show how to use a "electric wiring diagram". How to make " electrical connections". What electrical supplies are needed. And the electrical componets that are used.
  • Here is where you will find videos I created to help show you what the field has to offer.
  • privacy policy
  • Quotations serve the purpose of creating a positive mental attitude.Positive mental attitude equals better preformance.Better preformance equals more responsibility and better pay.
  • Online schools as well as brick and mortor schools are in abundance accross the world to help you in your continued education.
  • Articles to help improve your personal and business life.
  • Here is where you will find videos I created to help show you what the field has to offer.
  • Here you will find all of my videos on YouTube.


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" Thank you for what you are doing" was the subject line.

"hello sparky,

I just ran across your youtube and website, and was very impressed. I have to say its nice to see someone doing something about this, than bitch about it..."
Toby from California





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