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Write it Down...

One of the greatest and most helpful things I have learned over the years is to take notes.Documentation of when,where and what will put you ahead of the crowd.I used to be able to remember everything I did or needed to do.I use to be able to remember what supplies I needed,I use to be able to remember the conversations I had with a homeowner,superintendent,foreman,inspector and supplier. Well I thought I did any way.As I gained more responsibility the more things I needed to remember.There were times I would wake up in the morning and I think about my day,have it all planned out only to find I out I forgot something.One thing,just one, can make you look like an idiot.I don't like looking like an idiot.Do you? I started taking notes on yellow note pads,cardboard box lids,walls,studs, you name it.Guess what?That stuff got lost.I know I had it but where is it-Idiot. Taking good notes and making a schedule that is readily available to you is smart.It shows people that you are organized,you know what your doing.It shows you care about your job.It is a great feeling that when the owner comes in to your project and says that you installed a outlet in the wrong location and you pull out your book and show them that on 10/12/2008 they told you to install it at 48" to center.And yes,that small detail "to center" can mean the difference between you eating the cost of moving it or making some money on a change order.You'll impress your boss!I have many times.

Day Planner...

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I like the FranklinCovey day planner because it is a well organized way of keeping track of important details.You can use any style of day planner as long as it has the day,month and year imprinted on it.What this does is eliminate the possibility of forged or changed time stamps.Note pads can easily be manipulated.If you thinking that your notes in the day planer can be changed just as easy your right.But there is a way around it that.If you do end up changing something,rather than erasing the note or scratching it out,just put a line through it so it is still readable.If the information was changed by someone other than you have the initial it and your covered. Prioritizing the information is helpful but most times is changed.I usually put a star next to the item that must be done.The time schedule is nice when your suppose to do something at a particular time that really matters. There is much more that I can say about day planners and documentation but I think you get the point. What do you think? Maybe you use a PDA, phone or your just great at keeping your yellow notepads and cardboard box lids organized? One last thing I would like to add is something I learned from David Allen-Getting Things Done is when you write things down it frees your mind to focus on what is important at the time. It helps clear your head. If you think of something you need now or at a later date, all you need to do is go to that date,write it down, and get back to work. As always I would like to know your thoughts.




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