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Electrical Wiring Color Chart 

After 30 years in the electrical industry I know these colors with out thinking about them while wiring a electrical panel.Most seasoned electricans know this as well;however I still run accross journeymen and apprentices that struggle with getting the colors correct.It sucks when you go to make up a panel and ckt 32 was pulled in blue and 30 was blk.It makes the panel look like someone screwed up the correct phaseing related to neturals.

I highlighted "most" because I know people that have been our industry for 10 years and still can't mark the wires correct!!

I have had many electricians ask how I know which color matches which number-and this is what I show them.

If your an electrical contractor or a apprentice electrician you can copy and print these charts.

Hang them up while wiring a panel for quick reference.

Down size them and laminate for use next to a wire cart.

Note that these are for Commercial applications.Residential charts vary due to the amount of three wire home runs you have.


wiring color chart brb 


wiring color chart boy


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