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This type of electrical wiring is not safe!

One of the commercial projects I am currently working on has excessive romex used through out the building.There is romex in the ceiling,on the roof,exposed on the exterior walls,run through equipment-you name it and it has romex.

Some of the romex I am talking about is shown in the picture.Everything in this picture is wrong.

No More Romex

No More Romex

If this is your idea of doing safe electrical wiring on your project,think again!

1.This box was mounted over the top of a existing exterior light box. A 110 v male cord cap plugged into exterior switched outlet to control lighting in a out side storage shed.Romex was used from the cord cap,run down through the roof and then into the sheds light box.

2. This is a 16/2 extension cord run from the inside of the building,through the block wall,into the back of a w/p bell box(why did they bother to use a w/p box)with out a connector.In their defense,there was an attempt to mount the box!LMAO

3. 110v cord cap,romex feeding a handy box which then utilizing the same electrical wiring methods as described above feeds a defrost timer for a remote compressor on the roof.

4. 110v cord cap and romex.

The romex was so dry rotted that in some spots there was bare wire exposed.

This is just WRONG!

This is just WRONG!

Look at the picture above .You’ll see the romex feeding the defrost timer,an open N1 j-box,a cord and cap connection feeding power to the compressor.None of this was mounted and lay’s in a low spot on the roof where water collect’s during rain.

This is only a small fraction of improper electrical wiring methods on my current project.It is on my long list of corrections I need to make to bring this building up to code.

There are some individuals out there that are in need of serious electrical training.The work I have shown in this post shows the lack of electrical education that most people doing this caliber of work have. Call a licensed electrician!At least you would have some recourse if someone gets hurt or damage occurs.


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