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How many types of tools do you need to be an electrician?

Electrician's Tools

Well some guys think they can do it all with a pair of linesman,screwdriver and a hack saw.

The people that are a little further advanced will say you need every kind of tool you can get your hands on.

More Electrical tools

ME? I am a tool gadget type, if it’s cool I’ll buy it.If it’ll help get my job done easier and faster I’ll buy it.

Even More Electrical tools for the electrician

I will get to more on tools and add videos to You Tube and show what is available,necessary and useful in the electrical industry.



Thousands of pieces and parts,do you know what to use? I do and will show you what they are for and under which conditions to use them.

Honestly I have seen the wrong device,type of connecter,size of wire,light bulb used in some of the strangest of ways. It’s One of the reasons I started Spark U Online.

Terminals for electrical work.

I have included only a few pictures in this article of tools and materials. I want to share more. I have time on my hands so might as well put it to work.

Electrical contactor


Putting my experience out there for you guys to suck up and learn is what I love to do.Electrical Parts galore





Common Sense:

Always use your best common sense when doing electrical work and using tools. Safety is of the utmost importance to our industry. Use it,know it and keep it safe.



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