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Electrical Education for those who want to Learn!

After a year and a half of doing videos about all the crap work I see out in the real world on a daily basis I have decided to take Sparky U Online to a new and different level.

I really like helping others learn and I have seen and listened to your feedback and comments,both positive and negative.

So I am willing to put forth more effort in bringing you all more detail information-IF you want it!

I would like to see some feedback on this with your comments as to what I can do for you to help you become a more productive and knowledgeable electrician.

Giving advise…

I willing to help those who help themselves.If you have questions about a project your on let me know I’ll help the best I can.Two things I ask is that you be specific in your questions & Also be prepared when questions are asked of you.

I have built my career around the fact that I did the research first before asking questions,at least try to figure out your problem first.

Practical Electrical Training…

I want to give you all some practical field training.Not just out of the code book answers.There is more to this trade than just knowing the code.

A few examples that I will explain to you is how many different types of compression fittings there are available in our industry,How many different colors of light bulbs there are , How many hundreds of types of mounting hardware that areĀ  available to you for a specific installation.

How about the questions you need to ask to get the correct answer in order to save you time and money or layout your project.I can help!

Let me know your thoughts-I am ready to take you and Sparky U Online to the next level.

AND yes, I,ll keep showing the videos that you guys like to see about strange and off the wall electrical installations I run across every day.


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