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I have derailed on the purpose of my blog and website,not completely but enough to make me consider that I have to get back on track.

I began showing all the crap work that is being done and forgetting by who and why it is being done. If you care about yourself,your family,others and your career I believe there will be less crap work being created. This won’t stop the non trained person from screwing things up but it’ll help stop some of the shit we run into on a daily basis.

I started Sparky U Online with the intent of helping electricians become better at doing their jobs. To really care about the trade.To have some self respect so that when you go to work you apply yourself and your knowledge. To preform at the best you can possible  do with the knowledge you have right now.

I have,for a long time wondered why people do the things they do be that good or bad. What separates a good electrician from a poor electrician. There are so many reasons that contribute to both the good and bad. Life in general is good and bad but really it is the person that knows how to handle the adversities in life that will excel.

Starting out in the electrical trade I was like any other you person. Young,dumb and naive. I wanted cool cars,partying w/friends,girlfriends and in general nice stuff.I was willing to work for that too. One thing I did that others guys I worked with did not do was – I would not let any of the after work activities interfere w/my job.

If I partied with my friends I still went to work on time and worked all day. If I had a fight with my girlfriend I went to work on time and worked all day and finally if my truck broke down,I found a way to work till I got it repaired. See there are too many obstacles that get in the way these days that prvent people from doing their jobs.Distractions that allow mistakes to be made. Problems that are carried with you¬† through out the day that create a I don’t give a shit attitude.

And this all causes greif to you,your employer and in the end project owners. Yes it goes that high. To become one of the best or better electricians in our industry you need to put aside all the distractions of your life while at work and focus! You will see a difference in your work if you just concentrate and work while your at work.


How about you,are you focused at work?


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