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Crimps and Crimp Tools

There are hundreds of styles of crimps they can be used, you have insulated non-insulated, forks, eyes and the list goes on.Terminals for electrical work.

There are also several types of tools out there that could be used, some of them are designed specifically for the electrical industry like Klein/Ideal tools some of the Klein linesman suppliers have a crimp tool built into him some the strippers have crimp tools built into them.

Crtimp Tool for shop use.

One of the keys to do a proper crimp is knowing the use of the tool and the proper settings on it.For right now what we are dealing with is the smaller crimps up to the size of  number 10 stranded wire.

You don’t want to use solid wire,it doesn’t create a good crimp, always plan to use stranded wire on your crimps. As a matter fact using stranded wire the code dictates that the crimps forks eyelets whatever are used on all your terminals unless the device has a plate designed for stranded wire.

Over the years I have used several different types of terminal crimps. The use of the proper crimp and tool will ensure that you have a good electrical connection that will continue to hold for the life of the product.

Another word of caution would be, don’t over crimp at the connections.Sometimes when you do that the terminal will actually break ,rack or deform and when you tighten it down on a screw then it becomes a loose link.


Know it,Use it and be safe,


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