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A local handyman tells me his story…..

I received a phone call from a local real estate agent the other day in need of an electrician.Briefly he described his problem and asked if I could stop by that day and talk with his handyman in charge for more details.With work being slow I was able to get there right away.

When I showed up the handyman took back to a room that did not have power to the lights and some outlets.Here I was in this room with light fixtures hanging by the ground wires,outlets hanging out of the wall”hot” and holes in the walls from him trying to trace down the circuit!

He explained to me that he had some electrical experience but was stumped on this one.(He didn’t have a clue)!He went on to explain he had about 10hrs into it before he gave up.

After tracing a few things out and changing some wiring around I was able to get things working.

I was appalled at some of the electrical work that he had done.Ground wires twisted together,with his fingers I think,he cut the ground off the down-rods from the ceiling fan,hots and neutrals reversed on the outlets and I found where a romex was a little short so he spliced it IN the wall and extended it into the box.UFB!hot net reversed

After the repairs were done in that room he told me that a switch in one of the bedrooms would trip the breaker every time it was turned on.I’m thinking with the way he switched the hots and neutrals in the other room it was a no brainer.

14-2 romex switch leg

14-2 romex switch leg

The switch had  a 14/2 in it from th switched outlet.White to white,black to black and green to green right? Wrong! For those of you who that haven’t run into this it’s simple-use the black at the switch as the hot and use the white feeding back as the switch leg to the half hot outlet.

There is more to this story in this house but my point is that people that don’t know what they are doing with electricity should leave it alone and call a expert.

Another interesting note to this story is that there we not any existing wiring problems.All he did was hang new light fixtures,ceiling fans and replaced the old outlets and switches with new ones.No 3-ways btw.

When I was done and explained what I had fixed the handyman’s reply was “I just wired it the way it was”.

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