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Through a series of events I have found myself back to working for someone else after almost 5 years of self employment. This is neither good or bad it just is.
During the last few years mostly working by myself, I have forgotten what is is like working with other electricians.

I am amazed with the lack of training some of these guys have and I wonder why that is when there is so much information available for free that one could just grab for the taking?

Is it the individual or is it the companies fault for this? Why wouldn’t a apprentice or helper be asking how they could improve or learn more about the electrical industry in which they work,their job,their career?

One thing I noticed is most guys just want to work,get a check and go home with no desire to improve themselves.What is up with this,man through out my career I have soaked up as much information whenever I could. I asked so many questions to learn more I drove my job foremen nuts.My point being this is not just a job-it is a career!

I believe that now is the time for employee’s to show some interest in furthering their careers. With so many looking for work I myself would express my enthusiasm towards becoming a better electrician. Being in a management position I look for those who are willing to go beyond the daily scope of work. Willing to do what it takes (within reason) to secure a position in the company.

I now find myself with a whole new perspective on what I can pass on here. It won’t be just about all the crap work I have run across the last couple of years. I have so much more to explore and share.


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