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Guest Post By:  Adrian Steel

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4 Ways to Zap Your Competition

We deal with the same things, year after year:  How to make enough money, keeping costs down, being profitable, hiring good employees.  And let’s not forget the competition.

Staying competitive has changed from the early days, where a solid work ethic and advanced skills meant your business would thrive.  It’s not so simple anymore.  There are many things an entrepreneur must do to stay ahead of his competition, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed.  Here are a few tips to help you start off right:

Get Online

The internet is huge.  Millions of people search online for local services, and therefore, you must have an online presence.  A great place to start is by claiming or creating your Google Local Places page.  Your potential customers will go to Google and search for electricians.  If your business is not listed, you won’t even be considered for the job.  Make sure all your contact information is correct, and keep this up-to-date.  It’s free, and it’s a highly effective way to market your business.

Get Social

Similar to networking in “the real world,” social networking is a powerful way to attract new customers, and stay in touch with those who already utilize your services.  A word of warning:  don’t overdo it.  Start small, with one account on Facebook or Twitter, and build your presence there before branching out into more social networks.  Keep your business page current – post photos of your latest projects, and reply to those who post on your page.  If you use email, include a link to your Facebook or Twitter profile in the signature of your email, so that your customers can easily find you online.

Get Mobile

You probably already own a smartphone, and if so, you need to check out some handy apps that can help you with daily tasks. Here are a few you might enjoy:

NEC Changes – view the 2011 National Electrical Code® changes on your smartphone with this app – connect to the Codes and Standards RSS feed, contact NFPA®, and more.

iBend Pipe – a conduit bending app on iPhone.  It calculates bends using English or metric measurements.  One reviewer states, “I am a licensed electrician and a well above average pipe bender. This app… saves me a lot of time with complicated and or rare applications in the field.  I will have this on every one of my companies [sic] phones in the future. Great app.”

Electrician Calculator Pro – an NEC compliant calculator available for Android phones.  Now you don’t have to carry your NFPA-70 copy.  Fill out the required spaces with your values and press to get your results.

Get Organized


Another key to staying ahead of your competition is organization.  Being organized saves time, and makes you more efficient.  Plus, an organized work van helps you present a professional image to your customers.

There are so many options for unfitting your work vehicle.  You can add van storage, accessories, ladder racks, shelving, and more!  And if you’re not sure what’s best to buy, check out these Electrical Contractor Upfit Packages – they’re already designed for you!

Get Ahead

We all want to thrive in our business, which is why we need to stay on top of industry changes, as well as technological advances.  It doesn’t hurt to remember the basics, either:  great customer service, continuing education, networking, and organization.





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