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  Many of you have been lead to my blog via You Tube and I appreciate you visiting. I get a lot of e-mails about motor controls,motor starters,contactors,relays and start stop stations so I put up the last few videos with hopes to get some feedback on the comments page. I am putting together a […]


Tools: How many types of tools do you need to be an electrician? Well some guys think they can do it all with a pair of linesman,screwdriver and a hack saw. The people that are a little further advanced will say you need every kind of tool you can get your hands on. ME? I […]


Electrical Education for those who want to Learn! After a year and a half of doing videos about all the crap work I see out in the real world on a daily basis I have decided to take Sparky U Online to a new and different level. I really like helping others learn and I […]

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This type of electrical wiring is not safe! One of the commercial projects I am currently working on has excessive romex used through out the building.There is romex in the ceiling,on the roof,exposed on the exterior walls,run through equipment-you name it and it has romex. Some of the romex I am talking about is shown […]