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Guest Post by:Asbestos.Com How Electricians Can Avoid Asbestos Exposure Electricians can often work in a variety of settings. From new construction to renovations, private residences to commercial buildings or even vacant properties, electricians are trained to handle many different situations. Electricians are also aware of the dangers of working with electricity, but fewer know of […]


  Many of you have been lead to my blog via You Tube and I appreciate you visiting. I get a lot of e-mails about motor controls,motor starters,contactors,relays and start stop stations so I put up the last few videos with hopes to get some feedback on the comments page. I am putting together a […]


Through a series of events I have found myself back to working for someone else after almost 5 years of self employment. This is neither good or bad it just is. During the last few years mostly working by myself, I have forgotten what is is like working with other electricians. I am amazed with […]


Electrical Education for those who want to Learn! After a year and a half of doing videos about all the crap work I see out in the real world on a daily basis I have decided to take Sparky U Online to a new and different level. I really like helping others learn and I […]

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This type of electrical wiring is not safe! One of the commercial projects I am currently working on has excessive romex used through out the building.There is romex in the ceiling,on the roof,exposed on the exterior walls,run through equipment-you name it and it has romex. Some of the romex I am talking about is shown […]


If you are Not Working-You Should be Learning Here is a great quote I came across today. “Discipline is the habit of taking consistent action until one can perform with unconscious competence. Discipline weighs ounces but regret weighs tons.” — Jhoon Rhee These tough times can best used educating yourself and becoming well informed about […]


Electrical Wiring… Yesterday I had to change out this panel I showed on You Tube. The change out took me most of the day to replace the panel itself.However there was the prep work to ensure the change out took place with minimum down time for the owner. Once I shut the power down and […]