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Crimps and Crimp Tools There are hundreds of styles of crimps they can be used, you have insulated non-insulated, forks, eyes and the list goes on. There are also several types of tools out there that could be used, some of them are designed specifically for the electrical industry like Klein/Ideal tools some of the […]


This type of electrical wiring is not safe! One of the commercial projects I am currently working on has excessive romex used through out the building.There is romex in the ceiling,on the roof,exposed on the exterior walls,run through equipment-you name it and it has romex. Some of the romex I am talking about is shown […]


A local handyman tells me his story….. I received a phone call from a local real estate agent the other day in need of an electrician.Briefly he described his problem and asked if I could stop by that day and talk with his handyman in charge for more details.With work being slow I was able […]


One of the advantages of belonging to electrician forums,blogs and groups is that every member has different strengths and areas of expertise. My background has many facets,all of which require different skill levels.  I Have over 30 years in the trade and there is not much I have not done. I am not trying to […]


It Has To Stop! I have been e-mailed asking what I am trying to do with this site and blog.The answer is obvious with the videos on you tube. If you have not seen the video yet, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PrUK5vkWi2Q ,check it out. I am a electrician by trade. Not a writer, or a teacher ,which explains […]