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32 years ago I started my career in the electrical industry.


When I started it was just a job till I went into the Army.Well the Army did not pan out for me so I continued working as a electrical helper,then a electrical apprentice and finally a journeyman.
I decided early on that I wanted to be the boss so I worked extra hard to get there.I went to work everyday,hungover or not.I went to work on time.I didn’t talk on the phone,still don’t,I worked all day doing was I was suppose to do,WORK.
We didn’t have cell phones,iPods or other distractions.We were there to work and earn a living so we could go about our personal business on our own time.

Now things have changed.We have to many distractions that guide us away from our work.

I was on a project recently and observed how employees were working. BTW that is what I was paid to do,watch and evaluate.Only the general contractor knew who I was.

I arrived on the job early,as I usually do and began observing 5 employees come to work.Three were late,one showed up right at starting time and the other came in a few minutes early turning on the lights and unlocking to get the day started.

The one that showed up early was the boss,umm I wonder if he knew something in his beginning days of being an electrician that got him to become a boss?
Anyway as I observed the late employees I was amazed that it took one of them a 1/2 a hour before they started to produced any work.He had to stretch out a extension cord to plug-in his radio. Here is a funny thing,he plugged in the charger for the battery drill 100′ away.Now lets look at what is more important to this person?

Another employee made 5 trips out to his car to carry in the tools he needed.Care to guess what his first tool was?Yep a RADIO. Then he carried in his tool bag,went back for his bender(at least he owns his own bender),then back out to get his lunch box,forgot his gloves then had to go back to make sure he locked his car. Good Gawd!

So I thought this guy would be my days project. As I watched him during the day he was so distracted from outside sources that in my estimation he produced about 3 hours of work that day.The time he spent B/S ing with others astounded me.They wanted to screw off too I suppose.

What has happened to employees these days?

This last week I have worked alone, meaning I had no employees to watch.Sure there was other trades on site but I didn’t stand around yacking my day away. I went to the home were I was working carried in my tools,2 trips,locked my doors on the 2nd trip and went to work.

Starting at 6:00 am worked to 11:00am,took lunch,less than 1/2 an hour went back to work till 2:30,packed up my stuff,cleaned up my garbage and was on my way home by 2:50.To me I put in a 8 hour day,just what the owner of the home expected.

The owners of a company expect the employee’s they hire to work a least a 8 hour day,that is what employees are paid for,so in my eyes that is what you need to provide.This is the way I have worked all my 32 years in the trade.

8 hours work=8 hours pay! Fair enough?





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