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Being the boss has its Advantages and Disadvantages.


Since my early days of becoming an electrician I always wanted to be the boss because I wanted to give all the crap jobs to someone else and make more money while I was at it.

There is more to it than many people think.

Lets say you become the job foreman,now weather you realize it or not you have more bosses than that of your apprentices and helpers. You are responsible to the owner of your company you work for,you have to answer to the G/C superintendent and sometimes to the owner of the project to name a few.
So now you have to take on the good and bad of what your help has done when answering to the people above you.You can not blame your help for something gone bad.They are your people,they are your responsibility.You are to blame for what they have done.

What do I mean? Well in a recent post work-ethic I spoke of  employee’s who come into work late. Who lets them come in late? Sure its the employee’s responsibility to show up on time but who lets them get away with it? You as a leader are in-charge of them- you do something about it.

For years I have been a quite leader,I am not a asshole. In the case above let me explain how I handled things. The guy who showed up early and and got right to work was given the easier jobs of the day whereas the late employee’s got the crap work. A guy who spent the day “working” got the personalized training from me when asked for or needed. In other words I acknowledged this employee’s willingness to show me he cared about his job. The other guys that didn’t care enough to show up on time did not respect me so I guess in a round about way I didn’t respect them.

I look back now and realize that perhaps I should have handled the late comers differently. But I didn’t know any other way,short of being the asshole which is not right either.

Really what I am trying to convey to those that inspire to become leaders in the industry is you need to consider learning how to become a better leader.Once you start becoming a leader those above you will recognize the fact you know how to handle your people.


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