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School of Hard Knocks

It all started for me about 10 years ago.I got my dream shot at running a Electrical Contracting company.Little did I know what I was in for.Employees’,estimating,billing,employees’ oh yea I said this already.
I will be blunt and honest here about what I have learned over the last few years the hard way.It needs to be this way.People need guidance; this is why I want to help individuals in improving their technical and personal skills.I am here to be a mentor of sorts.I had one for many years,he helped me through some tough situations without judgeing me.I can’t begin to tell you how much I relied on him to pull my ass out of a bind.He passed away shortly before I began running a company so I was on my own.And I made it thanks to him giving me the courage to take on a project with confidence.

You May not Agree…

with everything I have to say;but that’s ok.I don’t know it all,I know a lot,but not all.
I believe that I have much to offer the electrician that wants to improve themselves.The saying: Been There-Done That is the best way I can describe how I can help.

More Than One Way!

There is???

But of course there is.I am best known for listening to beginners all the way to experts.You have to because there are so many different ways of accomplishing a task or project.So don’t think that I think my way is the only way.

Speak up and spit out your opinion.


I wish I knew then-What I know now

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