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March 2011

content description. I have derailed on the purpose of my blog and website,not completely but enough to make me consider that I have to get back on track. I began showing all the crap work that is being done and forgetting by who and why it is being done. If you care about yourself,your family,others […]


Being the boss has its Advantages and Disadvantages.   Since my early days of becoming an electrician I always wanted to be the boss because I wanted to give all the crap jobs to someone else and make more money while I was at it. There is more to it than many people think. Lets […]


32 years ago I started my career in the electrical industry.   When I started it was just a job till I went into the Army.Well the Army did not pan out for me so I continued working as a electrical helper,then a electrical apprentice and finally a journeyman. I decided early on that I […]