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April 2009

I Wonder How Bad it is? I was surfing the net and found this article. Anybody up for a job? http://www.cnn.com/2009/WORLD/meast/03/26/military.electrocutions/ Anybody want to send me some pictures? Any true stories running around we need to know about? Sparky


Here are a couple of ways you can trace down existing electrical wiring circuits. You could spend a lot of money on circuit tracers and there are low cost methods as well.It all depends on your location and needs. One of my favorite’s is shown here in my YouTube video. I like the ease of […]


Write it Down… One of the greatest and most helpful things I have learned over the years is to take notes.Documentation of when,where and what will put you ahead of the crowd.I used to be able to remember everything I did or needed to do.I use to be able to remember what supplies I needed,I […]

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One of the advantages of belonging to electrician forums,blogs and groups is that every member has different strengths and areas of expertise. My background has many facets,all of which require different skill levels.  I Have over 30 years in the trade and there is not much I have not done. I am not trying to […]


If you are going to do electrical work,You need Electrical Testing Tools! In a recent You Tube video I reviewed a few electrical testing tools that I use everyday.If I could only have one tester to use everyday, I would choose the Fluke T5-600. This tester will check voltage,amperage,ohms/resistance. This is just basic information to […]